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I must admit that I was recently disappointed and heart-broken. It may sound silly, but I had begun to think of the Duggars like members of my own family. For almost a decade, my husband and I had tuned into their show on a weekly basis. It was refreshing to watch a TV show that focused on traditional Christian beliefs. They were flourishing and I was secretly envious of their tightly knit, God-centered family where kids were respectful and the family worked together as a team. When the first round of Josh Duggar news broke I was furious with the media who immediately pounced on my “distant relatives” :-). It was easy for me personally to look past the sins of Josh’s past. He was a teenager, had received counsel, was married and now had a thriving family of his own. But then the bombshell of his Ashley Madison accounts and infidelity were revealed.  As an ambassador of our faith, was he making us look like hypocrites? My first thought was, yes. The more I ponder this question, however, the more I realize that he is not alone in personal struggle. Every single one of us struggles with our own sin. Jesus is the only sinless human to ever walk this earth. Isn’t that why we need him in our lives in the first place? We need to realize as Christians that our churches are full of sinners. It should be the job of the church to equip us with the spiritual tools that we need to fight off the enemy and his sin.

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A recent article by Debra Fileta brings up several valid points from this situation, most of which are much bigger than the Josh Duggar indiscretions . She mentions that churches need to move away from “motivational preaching” and toward application preaching. We need to be better equipped on how to abstain from the sins of this world that can rock our marriages and our families.  I urge you to pray for Josh and his family as they work through the aftermath of his sin. I also urge you to pray for our nation, who should worry less about offending each other, and worry more about not offending God.

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You’ve been remade

Take heart dear friends in God’s promise from John 3:16:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever

believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 

Whatever path in life you are on, whatever your past holds, God loves you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! All is forgiven because of the cross. I pray today that if you have never put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, that you would call upon his name. He is always there, even when we aren’t.

“She turned to the sunlight And shook her

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Thoughtful Thursday: Because Jesus came…..

Because Jesus came….

I have the assurance of everlasting life through my savior, Christ Jesus

Because Jesus came….

I am forgiven

 Because Jesus came….

My past is just that-the past.

 Because Jesus came….

 there is hope

there is love

there is a savior to take away the sins of the world

Because Jesus came….

I am humbled

I am thankful

I am forever His.

I pray today that you know that you are loved.

No human love can quench the yearning that your heart has for the relationship that you can have with Him.

Because Jesus came….. 

You. Are. Forgiven.

-Rembember to liveHislove

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