Day 4…Breaking down the walls of racism

Today’s truth:

Racism violates God’s commissions

When we let racism or hatred into our hearts,

Simply put, when we let our own racist views take up home in our hearts, we are not allowing God’s will to be done in our lives. We are commissioned as God’s children to be representatives of our faith; spreading grace, love and forgiveness. When we do not live out these principles in our lives, it widens the gap between believer and non-believer.

You may have heard of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. They have held thousands of protests, some which were against Jewish and Catholic faiths. They have made their way into the news, but not for the spreading of love, but hatred. Racism is still so prevalent in our society that just a few months ago the South Carolina governor ordered the Confederate flag be removed after 9 church members were murdered by a man hoping to start a racial war.


While studying for the bar exam in London, Gandhi was given a copy of the New Testament to read. It is said that he was enamored with the Sermon on the Mount and hoped to see Christians living up to the teachings. While living with Christians in England, South Africa and India, Gandhi expected to experience qualities like unconditional love, forgiveness, willingness to sacrifice, meekness, for example. After reading from the bible and learning about Christ, Gandhi was eager to explore the Christian faith. He was then living in South Africa and decided to attend a church service. When he reached the steps of the church, the elder of the church said “Where do you think you are going….there is no room for you in this church. Get out of here or I’ll have my assistants throw you down the steps”.

To his utmost dismay, Christians in his time never lived up to the standards preached by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount and on the Cross and he was quoted years later as saying “I love your Christ but I hate your Christians because your Christians are unlike your Christ.”.

When we let racism or hatred into our hearts, it’s like a weed, and pushes out any love that had the ability to grow there.

Choose love today, and everyday, and watch God’s commissions become fulfilled in your life…

-Remember to liveHislove,



Jesus loves YOU!

Feeling alone today? You aren’t. You always have a friend in Jesus.

-Remember to liveHislove, Missy

I car(e) about you!

Each week I like to feature an idea of how to show the love of Jesus through an act of kindness. This week involves a pen, paper, a few kind words and a car.


This weeks challenge is to leave a note of encouragement on a random car. I chose the parking lot of my local grocery store. I said a quick prayer asking God to lead me to the correct car, placed my note and left. The rest is up to Him!


Below is the note that I left. You may certainly write the same thing or come up with your own. Just follow the lead of your heart.



-Remember to liveHislove,


Monday Motivator-living beyond me

That is a heavy title for a Monday, am I right? Heavy or not, I like to start my week off in a positive manner.  Every Monday, this blog will feature a “Monday Motivator” segment.  The purpose is to provide each of us with ideas of not only how to love ourselves and our immediate friends and family as Jesus does, but also how to help others in our community and beyond.

Last week while listening to the radio in the car, I was moved by the child sponsorship drive that was taking place on one of the radio stations. The stories of the deplorable living conditions and dangers that these kids face are just sickening. It was a harsh reminder that not all children are as fortunate as mine and I was truly moved by the number of people who called in to sponsor a child.

I have a son who is 9 and a daughter who is 5. Last summer while checking out at a Christian bookstore, the clerk told me of their sponsorship of World Vision and of the children who needed to be “adopted”. As my children very typically ask me at check-out for a sucker or gum or whatever they can spot at the time, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity for our family to sponsor a child. I do not want my children growing with the false reality that all kids grow up like them. They need to know that the world is bigger than just our community and that there are children all over the world who go to bed hungry or who have lost parents to diseases that are preventable in the United States.

So, we sponsored Carlos. He is a beautiful 8 year old boy from Bolivia (see his photo below) . We have exchanged letters and videos with Carlos and his family. It is amazing how much $35 a month can bless this family of 5, but the beauty of the sponsorship is that the blessing works both ways!

Matthew 18:5 reads “And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me”. Jesus is alive in each of us and he calls us to be his hands and his feet. I want to be a woman who is known by my grace, love, humility and a giving heart.  I pray that for each of us; that we would have the courage to live our lives so that we would be recognized as Christians by our actions.

Please leave your comments below on how a sponsorship has influenced your family, or you personally. If you would like more information on how to sponsor a child, visit or Continue reading