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I must admit that I was recently disappointed and heart-broken. It may sound silly, but I had begun to think of the Duggars like members of my own family. For almost a decade, my husband and I had tuned into their show on a weekly basis. It was refreshing to watch a TV show that focused on traditional Christian beliefs. They were flourishing and I was secretly envious of their tightly knit, God-centered family where kids were respectful and the family worked together as a team. When the first round of Josh Duggar news broke I was furious with the media who immediately pounced on my “distant relatives” :-). It was easy for me personally to look past the sins of Josh’s past. He was a teenager, had received counsel, was married and now had a thriving family of his own. But then the bombshell of his Ashley Madison accounts and infidelity were revealed.  As an ambassador of our faith, was he making us look like hypocrites? My first thought was, yes. The more I ponder this question, however, the more I realize that he is not alone in personal struggle. Every single one of us struggles with our own sin. Jesus is the only sinless human to ever walk this earth. Isn’t that why we need him in our lives in the first place? We need to realize as Christians that our churches are full of sinners. It should be the job of the church to equip us with the spiritual tools that we need to fight off the enemy and his sin.

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A recent article by Debra Fileta brings up several valid points from this situation, most of which are much bigger than the Josh Duggar indiscretions . She mentions that churches need to move away from “motivational preaching” and toward application preaching. We need to be better equipped on how to abstain from the sins of this world that can rock our marriages and our families.  I urge you to pray for Josh and his family as they work through the aftermath of his sin. I also urge you to pray for our nation, who should worry less about offending each other, and worry more about not offending God.

Here is a link to Debra’s article that was recently posted in

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Monday Motivator…. What’s your calling?

For I was hungry and you gave me something

Last night, I delivered the packets that we made for our first ever #BlessingBlitzForHomelessness to a local organization. If you aren’t familiar with our packets, here is a brief summary:

*This summer my children and I decided to assemble packets that we could hand out to homeless folks as we encounter them in our community (see photo below)

*We organized an event where people could help us assemble packets

*We organized a sign up genius ( to sign up workers and donations

*Everyone who helped our mission in some way received Blessing Blitz packets to keep in their cars to hand out to those in need


Here is a finished product


The kids also colored pages to be included in each packet


Our packets were donated to Fed with Faith, a local organization that serves as advocates to the homeless population in many facets. Last night they were organizing a meal (which smelled delicious!) to be served to those in need. I am always humbled when I see a large group of people giving selflessly of their own time. This organization is spear-headed by a husband and wife team who saw a need and took action. They felt God’s calling and listened.

What is God calling you to do?


He has amazing plans for you.

Your life could be forever changed.

Today was the day!!! #BlessingBlitzforHomelessness


Today was the day for assembling our blessing blitz packets. It was very important to me that this summer my kids and I do something to give back to the community as a demonstration of the love of Jesus. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our community in supplying exactly what was needed to fill the packets. It was a hot and sweaty day, but we now have > 50 packets assembled! Each family that participated also received 2 packets to keep in their cars to hand out to anyone who may be in need.

Example packet


Our packets contained:


travel size toothpaste

Gold-Bond powder

travel size sunscreen

bottled water


protein (non-chocolate for the summer)

travel size tissues

Ramen noodles

single-size tuna packets

single-size applesauce

plastic spoons


The kids also colored photos that we printed from the internet that we could include in the packet

IMG_8756 BB13



It took 4 families about 45 minutes to assemble ~55 packets. What a quick process with such eager helpers! Here is what our assembly table looked like:



To organize the event, I created a sign-up genius via

It was super simple!

We designed last Friday as our pick-up day where we drove to everyone’s house to pick up the donations. It was easier that way the items were organized prior to everyone showing up!


Here are the finished products. Stay tuned for our drop off day photos!


Please visit our website at

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The #BlessingBlitzforHomelessness is upon us!

Today was our collection day for the remainder of donations for Monday’s #BlessingBlitzforHomelessness. I was very humbled by the generosity and willingness of friends and family who volunteered to help. Our assembly day is Monday. My children will be serving lemonade and chocolate chip cookies to our volunteers (and to themselves, no doubt!) who are helping to assemble packets. Here are a few photos from today (a few friends wished not to be photographed in their PJ’s when we picked up their donations!).


bb BB2 BB3

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Super pumped for protein!

Today we received yet another donation for our #BlessingBlitzforHomelessness and my son is super pumped (as displayed in the photo below!) Monday, July 20th, is our day to assemble packets. So far we have 3 families joining us and we are well on our way to having more than enough supplies. I am very humbled by the generosity of others and hope my children will be able to appreciate, through this journey, that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. I pray that they would become adults with hearts that are overflowing with love for everyone. I pray that their hearts would be color-blind, nonjudgemental and fully trusting to the one that created them. Thanks for joining us on our journey!


My new favorite youtube channel!

As I sat down to write something today regarding homelessness, I prayed for God to lead my heart. He lead me to “Give Back Films” on youtube and a video where a guy goes around giving homeless folks $100. He not only gave them $100, but he gave them hope in humanity and hope in a God who loves them.

It’s a short video. I encourage you to watch it and share. What if we designated “$100 Day” where we all gave one homeless person $100 in the name of God and the hope that we have in him? Imagine the message we would send?! Could be my next project……hmmm…….

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