UBER and Jesus. A Compelling Tale

Great read! This is a perfect example of loving where you are….even if you are just a passenger of an UBER car! Praying that you touch many lives my friend…..

Andy Braner

I know it’s a controversial company, but in my humble opinion UBER has to be one of the greatest inventions of the last decade.  For a guy who travels a TON, it’s just so nice to not have to dwell on where I’m going to get my next ride, or where I need to hail a cab, and I can do it all from the palm of my hand.

The minute I saw UBER work, I had this crazy feeling, this is going to change EVERYTHING.  It changes the way we travel in global cities.  It gives the consumer and the vendor ways to rate one another to keep out the frey.  It’s 100% convenient, and now they’ve started their own leasing company which will change the way cars are sold.

Love it or Hate it, UBER is a once in 100 year idea.

Every time I get in an…

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