Bad manners turned good

Do to othersas you would havethem do to

Admittedly, I am a stickler for “treating others the way you want to be treated”. I’m sure my children secretly roll their eyes every time this comes out of my mouth. Maybe it’s my people-pleasing personality or my upbringing, but manners, and lack there of, are a passionate subject for me.

Some days I find myself frustrated by the driver who just can’t “find” their turn signal or the person who blatantly “forgets” to hold the door for me as I walk in the store right behind them. Sometimes, it is just so hard to let that go. As a child, my mom shared a bit of advice with me that I still find very helpful to this day and that is: you only have control over your own actions, and not the actions of others.  This is absolutely true. I was reminded of it this morning at the grocery store. I walked up to the deli counter at the same time as a gentlemen. The worker walked up and asked, “who was here first?” The gentleman and I spoke at the same time. I said, “go ahead sir” and he said, very bluntly, “I was.”. That irritated me. I could hear my moms words, “you can’t control other people”. Moms are smart.

When I go to heaven someday, I will have to answer for MY actions in both the hills and the valleys of my life. So even though someone may slam the door in my face or grace me with their hand gestures as I drive, I will smile, because that is what God would want me to do.

-Remember to liveHislove,



2 thoughts on “Bad manners turned good

    • Ha ha! I feel like the mantra “you can’t control the actions of others” is like a broken record in my head when I’m on the road! You are not alone, brother!

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