Peter, I need those TPS reports. Yeah, that’d be great.

Do you wake up in the morning wanting to do anything but go to work? Do you dread the work week ahead of you? Do you feel  like a character from the movie “Office Space”? Does the preparation of another TPS report make you want to toss your cookies (Office Space fans will get this :-)) ? Do you wake up every morning with a new pile of toys to clean up off of the living room floor? Do you feel under appreciated by your spouse for the hours of time you spend on laundry and cooking? You are not alone in this struggle! Sometimes the drudgery of everyday life can sink our motivation like an anchor plummeting to the bottom of the sea!

I have good new my friends! It can be found in Colossians.

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I challenge you to wake up tomorrow morning with a renewed attitude.  Others may question why you can be so cheerful and positive in light of a not-so-ideal work environment. Colossians 3:23-34 says in “WHATEVER we do….”. It doesn’t say, “While at your paying job” or “while doing household chores”, but “WHATEVER you do”. In any and all situations where you are performing work, work for the Lord. Having a cheerful heart while you work can serve as part of your testimony. It may be an opportunity to open a conversation about your reasons (Jesus!) for such a happy heart!

Dear God,

We pray that you would transform our hearts into humble, happy workers in all things we do. May we do ALL things (even boring household chores 🙂 with a cheerful attitude, referencing our promised reward as our eternal inheritance!

-Remember to liveHislove,



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