Are you homesick?

For this world is not our permanent

This past week my 9-year old went away to church camp for three nights. I was terrified. He has only stayed the night with family, he takes medication, he has anxiety and he is terrified of bugs. Despite this, we felt like camp would be a great opportunity for personal and spiritual growth (for him and us!).

Before he left we had a talk. I told him that it was okay to be homesick. I reminded him that missing your home is only normal and that camp is a temporary situation.  I encouraged him to make the most of his time away and to be joyful in everything that he does. I sure hope that some of what I said sunk in :-).

After listening to a sermon today on my way to work, it left me thinking of our conversation. My conversation with my son could easily be one that God would have with us. This Earth is not our permanent home. Even though we may be homesick for our permanent home, we should be joyful in all that we do. We know that our heavenly home awaits us.

When we picked up our son on Sunday he burst into tears upon seeing us (it was so sweet:)). I imagine that when I see God for the first time, I will have a similar reaction. It’s just too much emotion to verbalize.  Such sweet relief to be in my forever home. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to hurry my way through this life. I cherish every opportunity God is giving me to share his love, fulfill my calling and to love on my sweet, sweet family.

I pray today that you would take heart in this promise. You are a child of God. This earth is not your forever home. Make the most of every situation while you are here. Be joyful in the little things. Smile at strangers. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at others (just kidding!). Share His love.

-Remember to liveHislove,



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