T-19 days until #BlessingBlitzforHomelessness !!


We are 19 days away from our first ever #BlessingBlitzforHomelessness. My children are beginning to get very excited and asking lots of questions. They are baffled to learn that not everyone is as fortunate as we are to have a roof over our heads every night when we go to sleep. I pray that this will be a spiritually growing process for our family and all of those involved. We received our first donation this week and my son is super excited. Can you tell by his face!?

We challenge you to start your own #BlessingBlitzforHomelessness in your own neighborhood, church, school or community. We hope that you will follow along with us on our journey. God bless!

P and donations


2 thoughts on “T-19 days until #BlessingBlitzforHomelessness !!

  1. Hi,

    WOW. This is such an awesome project you started. I know many would be blessed and would come to know the love of God through this. More power and my prayers are with you!



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