My nose-hair

Today when I was at work, I walked into the bathroom. As I glanced into the mirror, I was horrified to see a giant hair sticking out of one nostril. I immediately envisioned my co-workers standing behind me, pointing and laughing at the hideous site (I doubt that happened!). I quickly remedied the situation and was back to work, a little more humbled by my misfortune!

Do you ever feel like the “nose-hair” of society? Like others look at you like an out-of-place misfit? At some point in time, we have all felt this way.  Did you know that these feelings are compliments of the evil one trying to dismantle your self-esteem. The last thing he wants is for you to be confident in yourself and your walk with God.

God loves you with and without your imperfections. Misplaced nose-hairs, chin hairs, grey hairs, wind-blown hair; God loves them all because they make you, YOU!

god loves you,despite yourimperfections

-Remember to liveHislove,



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