Fear is a 4-letter word


We all have fear. Some level of fear is healthy, otherwise we would walk out in front of moving cars or drive straight through a red light. Thinking that each time I go outside a swarm of bees will attack me is not a healthy fear (and quite honestly the theme of a scary movie!).


How many times does the bible tell us “Do not fear”? The truth is, a lot. The number itself was pretty difficult to determine based on my googling skills however. The bottom line – it is in the bible enough to be significant. Enough that obviously God wants us to know that it is an important theme.


I have come to the conclusion that fear tends to creep into our lives when we try to handle everything on our own. I have a child with special needs in the classroom and it is that time of year again for teacher selection for the following year. A new school year invokes fear in me, and him. How will he adjust to the new teacher? To new students in his class? Will he be nervous for the loud lunch room? Will he have friends in his classroom? How will he do on standardized tests? The devil is really good at helping us to be fearful and giving us the false sense that we can solve all of these questions on our own. This year I will vow to let God handle it. He knows what is best for my child. Sure, I may have to intercede in some situations, but He will prompt me to know when that time is.


What fear will you turn over to Him?


do not%0Afear-2


-Remember to liveHislove,








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