Seize the UNPLANNED day!


Last week was a weird week. My daughter had chicken pox (despite getting the vaccine) and I had a horrible head and chest cold. We are 2 weeks away from the end of the school year, so I had big plans for the week prior to our situation. There is a deck to be power-washed, a bible study to prepare for, a sidewalk to be painted, a blog to write, dishes, laundry and work. We didn’t have time for  Mr. Pox or Mr. Cold to pay us a visit.

What I did accomplish last week, however, was far better than what I had planned for. I got to spend time alone with my daughter and her 5-year old spunky, sassy self. We did mani-pedis, watched cartoons and old home movies, made popcorn and giggled. We took long walks and played “I spy”. We watered flowers and attempted to take our wild dog on a walk, which ended quickly.

I will only have my 5-year old daughter for a brief time. Right now, she thinks I’m awesome and I’d like to drink that in, even if it means a few chores get left behind.

Thank you God for helping me to be a Mary and not a Martha. Thank you for helping me to stop and breathe in the air of my relationships, realizing how quickly our children grow.



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