Calling all users of crayons, colored pencils and construction paper!

signs of love

And you thought the days of craft projects were behind you? Think again. My artistic skill does not expand very far beyond stick people and sad-looking trees. Artistic ability was not a gift that God bestowed upon me. Regardless of my lack of ability, I still try to find a way to infuse some creativity into the below mentioned project.

Every family has traditions. Traditions are a way to carry on a bit of ourselves into our future generations. Every Christmas our family visits a local underground light show, the Easter bunny hides our family baskets and our children have special “birthday plates” that they eat their own birthday cake on. Whatever your traditions, it’s never too late to add a new one!

One of my favorite family traditions growing up was birthday signs. My parents and sister would make signs on computer or construction paper and when I woke up on my birthday, signs would be plastered all over the house greeting me on my special day. We carry this tradition on for our kids and each other. We also hang signs on a few other special occasions throughout the year. One such day was this past Sunday for Mother’s Day. Here are a few examples of the ones that my family made for me.


sign2 sign1

What sweet treasures that I have to admire for years to come!

Start a new tradition in your family today. “Love signs” could bless your home for years to come!


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