Nuturing a giving heart: Idea for kids to give


I am always looking for ways to develop a giving heart in my children. As I have have written before, our family supports a 9-year-old boy named Carlos from Bolivia. He has the sweetest smile and we are honored to have him in our lives.



My children do daily chores in which they earn chore money. This chore money is then divided into spend, save and give jars. During the school year, my children give part of their “give” money to their church-sponsored Awana program. We are now on hiatus from Awana until the fall, so i am looking for new ways for them to share their “give” money.

We received an email from World Vision (who we sponsor Carlos from) stating there are many children in Nepal in need. Nepal suffered from a 7.8-magnitude earthquake a few weeks ago which left the area devastated. That’s it! This would be our first donation of the summer season! After school today, my children gathered their “give” money and they have $18 to donate.


If you have felt the calling to donate to World Vision and the Nepal Earthquake Relief fund click here to connect to their page. I would LOVE to see in the comments section photos of your children and their monetary donations. Mine were so proud!

“>Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.27.14 AM

-Remember to liveHislove,



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