Get your gospel groove on

I love hearing my kids sing. It is just the sweetest thing. And if they are singing a Christian song, we’ll that is almost unbearably adorable!

A new company, Cross Kid Nation, has recently launched and it. is. awesome! This is straight from the website:

“STRONG & COURAGEOUS will have you and your kids singing and dancing while learning foundational Biblical principles that will be hidden in their hearts for a lifetime. Personally, my family regularly uses the music for “Fam Dance” parties (something all families should try regardless of singing and dancing skills) AND causing a scene at stoplights as cars beside us wonder what in the world is going on!”


Click here to connect to their website

Most kids love music and dancing. And why not pair it with YOUR want for them to have a relationship with Jesus? Seems like a no-brainer!

Here’s a sample:

Have fun singing and dancing with your kiddos, your Sunday schools class, or just by yourself 🙂

-Remember to liveHislove,



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