Dear God

Dear God,

I pray today that you would enable me to be an example of Christ here on Earth. Fill me with humility, grace and love so that others may come to know you. 



Dont confuse your spouse with your savior

15 years ago today I married by partner in crime, my best friend and the man who sees me at my worst and at my best. I am blessed to have stumbled upon him through some mutual friends at a fraternity party our Junior year of college. Alot has happened in 15 years: multiple vacations, several houses, 2 dogs, the loss of 6 of our grandparents and the addition of our 2 marvelously spunky children! There are also things that I know about him now that I didn’t know then: he does NOT like generic cereal, he knows more about birds and trees than most botanists and he can make a mean mac and cheese.

The question I have asked myself today is: How different of a wife am I now as compared to when we got married? The answer: more realistic. Like a lot of young girls, we have this fantasy of life married to our prince. He’s perfect in every way and is always there to catch us when we fall. Ok, I’m not that naive, but a few of those underlying principles I was naive about. First of all, I thought he was a mind reading prince. Didn’t he KNOW that I wanted roses for our first Valentine’s Day and that I wanted to be surprised with dinner out? Realization #1: he isn’t a mind reader. I’m not an overly chatty person who verbalizes her every want and need. Maybe if that’s my expectation, I should tell him. Communication goes a long way in a successful marriage. Hmmmm, maybe I was onto something…

Another realization came when our son was diagnosed with ADHD. Is my prince charming going to sweep in and save the day? When I was mentally exhausted from trying to help my son with his melt-downs, who would be there to comfort ME? Would he be my knight in shining armor? He tried, but it wasn’t ALL that we needed.

The truth is, my husband is my rock. He IS always there to listen to me when I am ready to open up. He IS always there to support me and offer up advice. God gave him to me as my life partner and I am forever thankful for that. He gets my weird sense of humor and makes me laugh when I need it most. He loves the movie Tommy Boy just as much as I do and knows all the lyrics to most Dave Matthews Band songs, just like me. He is my soul mate. Is he ALL I need though? No. That’s too much pressure for one human being. I have learned not to confuse my spouse with my savior. I have a father in heaven who is always there to listen, in the good and bad, and HE is the one that can save me from myself. He can comfort me like no other human being can when I am mentally exhausted. He is my savior. A savior that loves me so much that he gave me my husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward. For richer or poorer. Until death do us part.

Love your spouse enough not to weigh them down with heavy expectations, but show them grace and forgiveness, just as our Father does. Here’s to many, many more years with my golf-loving Boilermaker. He’s better than any prince charming I could have imagined.

Therefore,what God hasjoined

-Remember to liveHislove,


I car(e) about you!

Each week I like to feature an idea of how to show the love of Jesus through an act of kindness. This week involves a pen, paper, a few kind words and a car.


This weeks challenge is to leave a note of encouragement on a random car. I chose the parking lot of my local grocery store. I said a quick prayer asking God to lead me to the correct car, placed my note and left. The rest is up to Him!


Below is the note that I left. You may certainly write the same thing or come up with your own. Just follow the lead of your heart.



-Remember to liveHislove,


Fear is a 4-letter word


We all have fear. Some level of fear is healthy, otherwise we would walk out in front of moving cars or drive straight through a red light. Thinking that each time I go outside a swarm of bees will attack me is not a healthy fear (and quite honestly the theme of a scary movie!).


How many times does the bible tell us “Do not fear”? The truth is, a lot. The number itself was pretty difficult to determine based on my googling skills however. The bottom line – it is in the bible enough to be significant. Enough that obviously God wants us to know that it is an important theme.


I have come to the conclusion that fear tends to creep into our lives when we try to handle everything on our own. I have a child with special needs in the classroom and it is that time of year again for teacher selection for the following year. A new school year invokes fear in me, and him. How will he adjust to the new teacher? To new students in his class? Will he be nervous for the loud lunch room? Will he have friends in his classroom? How will he do on standardized tests? The devil is really good at helping us to be fearful and giving us the false sense that we can solve all of these questions on our own. This year I will vow to let God handle it. He knows what is best for my child. Sure, I may have to intercede in some situations, but He will prompt me to know when that time is.


What fear will you turn over to Him?


do not%0Afear-2


-Remember to liveHislove,







Wanna change your heart? Give.

Giving does just as much for the heart of the giver as it does the receiver.  Check out this little angel on Earth, Josiah Duncan…..

-Remember to liveHislove,


Challenge of the day: I see you smiling!

Smiles are contagious

People who smile are just more attractive, right?! Check yourself out in the mirror. Who’s cuter? Mr. Smiley Pants or Mr. Grouchy Face?

Today’s challenge is for you to put YOUR stellar smile to work. Sometime today, randomly smile at a stranger. Not in a creepy way, but in a nice, friendly, “how do you do?” sort of way.  You will not only brighten their day, but make your heart smile too!!

Go ahead, give it a try! Let the light of Jesus shine through your pearly whites!