Ready, set, run!!!!!!!

This past weekend I completed by 7th 1/2 marathon and it may be my last. It was cold, rainy and miserable. By the end of the race there was literally not a dry spot on my body. I was just glad to be done!!


5 years ago if you had asked me if I were a runner, I would have laughed and said “no”. My sister got me into running initially. We did our first 1/2 in 2010 and it left me thirsting for more. I’ve never been an athletically gifted person, but I like to stay in shape. I am cheap, so having to purchase new clothes to satisfy a growing waist line is just not an option.


My sister and I after our first 1/2 marathon

Running has taught me to be intentional. You must be intentional in a workout plan or running 13 miles will be excruciatingly difficult. A training plan in crucial. Working toward a goal and achieving it is so much bigger than just running 13 miles; I proved to myself that I can set a goal, follow through and achieve it. This mental tenacity has flowed into other aspects of my life too. I am more intentional with my money. We set goals now and follow through until the end. Winning is so much more than just a trophy or a medal. It’s proving to yourself that you can achieve whatever goals you set.


My sister-in-law and myself after her first 1/2 marathon

Running was a spiritual journey for me as well. It was a chance for me to just be alone with God. I did a lot of my prayer time during my runs and some of my clearest thoughts occurred during runs (maybe the increased blood flow to my grey matter!?). When I didn’t feel like running anymore, I would recite Philippians 4:13

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”

Whether you are a self-proclaimed couch potato or already a tri-athlete, I urge you to make a plan for yourself, follow through and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Self-satisfaction breeds confidence and that may lead you to apply for a new job, sign up for a mission that you’ve always been fearful to embark on or to join a bible study in a group where you know no one.


Myself, my sister and my friend, Trish, before the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon in 2014

 Although I am still sore 2 days after the race, I know that I accomplished my goal. Christ has big plans for my life and this is only the beginning. I pray for the courage to jump feet first into any project that I am lead into and for the faith to let Him lead me to the end.


Natalie, myself, Jennifer and Alex before our rain-soaked 13.1 miles this past Saturday!

Maybe today is the day that you need that extra dose of encouragement. If you feel God calling you to the unknown, close your eyes, gives your fears to Him and take a leap of faith. It could be life changing.



2 thoughts on “Ready, set, run!!!!!!!

    • Thank you so much Sean. I didn’t start out as a runner so it’s crazy to think I’m 7 races in. Keep up the training. You will have so much self-satisfaction after doing your first!!! You can do it!!!

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