Friday Feature: Never stop praying

I want you to meet my new friend, Donna. I want you to meet her because her story is both ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary in the fact that she’s just like you and me-she prays, she has hope for her future and she is an imperfect child of God. She is also extraordinary and here is why…..

Donna and Scott dated for 2 years before getting married. Donna was raised in a household that regularly attended church and her family was full of preachers and believers. Scott, on the other hand, belonged to a church denomination that believed in Jesus solely as a “good person” from the bible and not at the Lamb of God. Regardless of their religious differences, Scott attended church with Donna through their courtship and well into their married years.

Early on in their marriage, Donna began to pray that her husband’s heart would be opened to the word of God and for him to be baptized. The years passed. They made several moves due to Scott’s job and they had a daughter.

And she prayed for her husband

Donna was diagnosed with cancer. Scott mentioned that he couldn’t believe how well she dealt with the diagnosis. She told him that her faith made it possible. He stopped going to church.

And she prayed for her husband

Tragically, their daughter, who had endured many surgeries and health problems, passed away. Donna felt more alone than ever  and longed for the comforting arms of her husband. He wasn’t there for her. As if losing a child wasn’t enough, Donna discovered that Scott was having an emotional affair with another woman.

And she prayed for her husband

At the breaking point and unable to take anymore emotional pain, Donna filed for divorce. One afternoon while Scott was filling out the divorce papers that he had been served, the dialogue started to open up. They decided to give it one last shot and go to marriage counseling. Scott also returned to church.

And she prayed for her husband

The counseling continued and they finally began to understand each other emotionally and trust began to rebuild in their relationship.

And she prayed for her husband

It was Easter Sunday. Donna and Scott headed to church just like any other Sunday. But it wasn’t any ordinary Sunday. At the end of the service, the pastor made an open invitation for anyone wanting to be baptized to come forward. Scott leaned over to Donna, kissed her cheek, said “I love you” and walked to the front of the church to the baptismal pool. According to Donna, that was the most joyous day in her whole life. Scott is a changed man. Before he leaves for work, he kisses her and tells her that he loves her. He even sends her “I love you” texts. That never happened before.

Donna never gave up praying for her husband; even in the hopeless moments she grasped at her faith and to a loving God. Several times during our conversation Donna mentioned the book “Jesus Calling” and paraphrased a passage from the book: “He uses our situations, both good and bad, as an opportunity to draw us closer to Him” For that, she is thankful.

virtuous woman

Dear friends, if you are feeling discouraged in your marriage, know that God walks with you no matter your circumstance. He’s with you during your tears, fears and failures. He’s with us always. Thank you God for Donna and her willingness to share her sorrows and triumphs in order to encourage others to find the strength to keep praying. There is power in prayer my friends.


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