Take a technology-free journey today!

When was the last time you received a card in the mail? Maybe it was your birthday or Christmas. There is something about a handwritten card or letter that makes one feel extra special. It’s so much more personal than an email or text. It’s like the person is there with me when I receive the letter. You can see the imperfections in their handwriting and almost feel their emotion jump out of the words at you. Receiving a handwritten letter from a friend or relative makes you feel extra special!

I invite you to step back in time with me to the days before emails, texts and facetime. Scary, I know :-)!  My challenge to you is to pick a friend or relative and mail them a card for no apparent reason. Maybe you have a college friend on your mind and just want to say hello or maybe you’d like to update your great Aunt on the new garden you just planted (you could also include some photos!).

Let those who have a special place in your heart know it!

It can be a few simple sentences on a scratch piece of paper around your house or an elaborate homemade card if you are super crafty! Personally, I like to purchase bulk containers of cards with multiple occassions inside. Here are a few examples :


In a hurry? Most grocery and retail stores have a 99 cent card section like the one shown

below. It’s more expensive per card than the examples below, but highly convenient!



card1     Here is a box of 12 Christian-themed encouragement greeting cards. I love that it is < $1 per card and I get free shipping with Amazon prime!

Click here if you are interested (I do not receive any compensation for this plug, I just like the cards!).


Here is a value pack of all-occasion cards. There are 30 cards in this box for $15.97. Can I get an “ah yeah!”? This is a super good deal in my opinion and I am always looking for that!

Click here if you are interested (I do not receive any compensation for this plug, I just like a good deal!)


If you are super crafty (I’m only moderatly crafty, so I will not be braving this project) check out this youtube video on how to make your own super cute flower card. Be sure to post a photo in the comments section below of your finished product!


I encourage you to demonstrate the love of Jesus not only through your words, but your actions as well. Let someone know you are thinking of them. Allow others to see the love of Jesus through your heart!


-Remember to liveHislove,



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