Monday motivator: Sell it all?


I registered for everything! It was addicting. I’m talking about the scanning machine that they give you when you complete your wedding registry. We scanned everything from board games to camping gear and it was exhilarating! Starting married life together is exciting in many different ways. Getting presents on top of marrying the love of your life is just icing on the cake!

15 years, 2 kids, 2 dogs and several goldfish later we are still happily married. Some of the items that we registered for back in that blissful period of time have not weathered the journey quite as well as we have :-). One such item is our collection of stainless steel silverware. A few teaspoons have fallen victim to the garbage disposal monster and a few have been accidentally tossed in the garbage by our children. Needless to say, our collection is hobbling along on crutches!

As some of you may know, we have been following Dave Ramsey’s financial principals for a good 6 months now. It has been a blessing in our marriage, both financially and relationally. Dave jokingly says that in an effort to pay off debts with “gazelle-like” intensity, “sell so much stuff that the kids think they’re next”. We have done just that. This brings me to our before mentioned silverware.

I decided to sell off our silverware on eBay as we no longer had a complete set. May sound like a simple task to you, but to me,  there was emotion attached to it. We had gotten it for OUR wedding. How could I part with it?

As I stood in our kitchen pondering the idea, I was reminded of Matthew 6:20 (NLT):

      Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.

It was decided. I have began to sell it off, and like all of the other stuff that we have sold, there are mixed emotions. I know however, that it is getting us one step closer to financial freedom. Working together on this financial project has made our marriage stronger too and that’s something that a collection of silverware in a drawer can’t do.

If you have a desire to learn about Dave Ramsey and his financial principles, I encourage you to visit Dave Ramsey at or feel free to message me ( ) with any questions. I’d be happy to help.

-Remember to liveHislove,



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