Do gooders

The past few months we have had record cold temperatures here. Stepping outside makes your face feel tingly and it’s almost unbearable. Can you imagine being homeless in these conditions? I can’t. I am so thankful for a warm home and for food to fill my belly.

Thankfully across our country there are hundreds of organizations that make it their mission to help the homeless. We have had many “white flag” nights here this winter. That means that anyone who is homeless will not be turned away from a shelter due to weather conditions. There are still however, individuals who, for whatever reason, find themselves outside during these harsh conditions.

Fed with Faith is a local organization whose mission is to advocate for the proper treatment and support for the indigent and homeless community. Here is a sample post from their Facebook page:

Tonight was a particularly difficult serve night as it felt like every camp we stopped at the temperature dropped a bit more. And as we drove searching for people we found a man who was in the beginning stages of freezing to death. We found him less than a block away from a shelter where they turned him away. After Jean sat with him for a bit he was able to convince him to go to a different shelter for the night that would take him. When he got in our car to go you could hear his teeth chattering. He literally said he felt like he was thawing. I just sat and tears rolled down my face wondering how many people passed this man as he sat on the sidewalk freezing to death. I am grateful to my husband’s dedication so the city of Louisville doesn’t wake up to another death like Kenny Whitfield. We want to thank you to Dale and Exit 0 for helping us with our run tonight. – Wendy, Jean’s wife


Please take a moment to pray for the homeless. Just like each of us, they need hope in their lives. Thankfully there are organizations like FedWithFaith that are doing just that. If you feel led to help them in their mission, visit their website:

-Remember to liveHislove



One thought on “Do gooders

  1. Thank you. It is sad to admit that we, especially Christians, still need reminders to have empathy for those around us. It is so important to know that God has given us so much not just so we can take care of our own needs but so we may be aware and meet the needs of others as well.


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