Spiritual shower

The only sound I hear is the water beating down on my head. It’s just me and my loofah and IT IS REFRESHING! Isn’t there something so refreshing about a shower. It’s a chance to refresh your body and sometimes your spirit. I had just finished an intense work-out last week, so my shower felt extra refreshing to my overworked muscles.

As I stood there, I thought of the metaphorical association between showering our bodies and our souls. A nice warm shower rejuvenates an otherwise tired or achy body. Likewise, “showering” my soul with a spiritual activity rejuvenates my soul. If only they made a waterproof bible, I could rejunvenate my mind and body simultaneously. I’m all for multi-tasking, but I think I’m taking this too far :-).

Here are a few other thing that I do throughout the day to rejuvenate my soul:

*Listening to a Christian radio station in the car

*Tuning in to a Christian podcast

*Praying as part of my running routine (I do some of my best thinking on a long run!)

*Turning on the spa channel on Pandora as I clean the house

*Spending 10 minutes in the bible each day

*Attending church or watching our church podcast (if I can’t make it to service)

*Snuggling with my kiddos at night

*Sitting alone in my house, in the silence, looking out the window and talking to God

It’s necessary to take time for yourself. How can you expect to be able to help others when you yourself are not spiritually refreshed?

Please share in the comments section how you refresh your spiritual soul! I’d love to feature some ideas in an upcoming write-up

-Remember to liveHislove



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