Monday Motivator-Choose Joy, Harper did!

Today, I woke up deciding to choose joy. I’m choosing joy because I have a healthy family. I choose joy because I have my freedom. I choose joy because I have a God who loves my unconditionally. I choose joy because I can.

A few years ago, I began to hear about an elementary aged girl, Harper, who went to a neighboring school. She was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer. My children did not go to the same school, but I had several friends whose kids did, so I would follow along with Harper’s progress via Facebook and her Caring Bridge website. Harper battled this cancer for about a year, had multiple hospitalizations and a bone marrow transplant. This little girl went through things that most adults couldn’t handle, but, through it all, she kept smiling. Her theme became “Choose Joy”. People would post it on their Facebook pages and on her caring bridge page. Last summer, she was deemed cancer free and the celebrations began. This spirited young lady who had chosen joy could truly be joyous with the news that her cancer was gone!

Why does God allow such heartache into such an innocent life? I don’t know the exact reason and that’s where faith comes into play. I have faith that my God knows what he is doing, even if we don’t understand why. I can’t even begin to imagine what Harper’s parents faced and the heartbreak they must have felt hearing of Harper’s diagnosis. What I do know is that Harper has changed many lives because she was able to “Choose Joy”.

Just a few months after Harper’s cancer free diagnosis, the cancer came back with avengenence. She battled chemo once again, hospitalizations, infections and a bone marrow transplant. Just when it was looking like her transplant was starting to work, she lost her battle. Heaven is now richer with Harper in it. I pray for her parents and siblings left behind here on Earth to face each day without her. I just can’t imagine.

So, I challenge you to “Choose Joy” today. Choose joy because you are alive. Choose joy because you aren’t in a hospital bed. Choose joy because you have a God who loves you. Choose joy to honor Harper and all those battling cancer.

-Remember to liveHislovechoosejoy1.png


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivator-Choose Joy, Harper did!

  1. Thanks for the inspiring story. Please read my blog post today “Attitude is Everything.” I think it will ring a chord. (


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