Monday Motivator to live-His-love

Every Monday I will post an idea for a random act of kindness for the week. Please comment below if you tried out my idea or if you have your own idea for a post. Every few weeks I will post some of your best ideas!

A few weekends ago we admittedly had a lazy weekend at our house. It involved lots of movie watching, popcorn and pajama time. I love the winters for this reason. There isn’t as much pressure to “get outside and do something”. I feel completely satisfied snuggled under blankets with my hubby and children. In the quest to have a cozy weekend, my husband suggested we make vegetable soup. Unfortunately, this did involve a quick trip to the grocery (which was not in my lazy weekend plan!).

It had been since last winter since making said soup, so I had forgotten how large a batch it made. My elementary-aged children do not have palates that move beyond chicken nuggets and fries, so my husband and I were the sole engulfers of said soup. Needless to say, we had lots of leftovers!

After sharing the soup with my parents, I decided to share the deliciousness with a friend. My girlfriends’ husband was in the hospital and she was left to be the sole parent for 2 active children. I decided to share my leftovers with her. She was very appreciative and I was happy to help a friend in need.

I urge you sometime this week to share some leftovers, bake some extra loaves of bread for a neighbor or buy and extra cup of coffee at your local coffee shop and unexpectedly drop it off to a friend. Maybe your children could deliver some cookies to a neighbor. I love seeing the self-satisfaction in the eyes of my little ones when they give to someone else.

-Have a wonderful Monday and live His love!


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