Welcome to liveHislove!

Ok, so first of all you should know that writing is not my forte (I had to look up how to spell forte!). I am a left-brained Christian wife and mother of two. Over the past few years, I have felt God whispering to me, stop trying to be someone else and be your best YOU. He did in fact create ME; not you, or my neighbor, or the “perfect” mom down the street.

God created me as a natural optimist and lover of all (ok, most) people. I tend to find the good in people, even when there isn’t much to find. I am definitely a “glass half full” kind of gal. So, this is part of my journey. A journey to provide inspiration. Inspiration to love yourself, just as God does. And inspiration to step out of your comfort zone and be a demonstration of God’s love to others.

Having said all of that, that is what led me to this blog….

I hope you’ll join me, and let us live-His-love………


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